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What boxes do I have to tick?

Regardless of whether or not you intend to consider entering the full Essential Skills Certificate (Workplace Community and Education) or indeed some other further education or training programme completing this Learning to Learn Module will be of significant benefit to you simply because it does exactly what it says – it re-introduces you to the world of study, the discipline of learning, the necessity to plan and the value of rewarding yourself for achievement. It will build your confidence and get your learning fit for the next challenge.

Having an open mind, a willingness to take a small risk, some curiosity and determination plus a willingness to attend at an EQUAL Ireland Information Session is basically all that you will immediately need for success! The Information Session will explain all of the nuts and bolts. There are no set educational requirements so whether you have a Junior Cert or a Leaving Cert OR NOT or if you left school many years ago you should still come along and test out the water.

It is a fact that many of our participants had been out of school or formal education or training for many years and yet successfully completed the programme. More than likely the same will be true for you.


LTT - MoneyHow much will it cost?

The cost to you depends on your circumstances. If you are unemployed or employed in the private sector there may be funding available. Best advice is to come along to an  EQUAL Ireland Information Session and we will try to sort it out there. Even if you do have to pay yourself we have a staggered payment system to take the immediate pain out of paying.  Don’t let money stop you coming to at least the Information Session


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More Information

If you would like to:

        • Find out more about this programme by phone or email
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        • Request an invitation to the next EQUAL Ireland Information Session regarding a programme please click here 



Content What Skills & Knowledge will I acquire?

This is a follow on programme from Learning to Learn and will provide you with the opportunity to re-engage with your own self development; enhance your job prospects; and improve your chances of success in the workplace, the community and or in education or training.


The Modules for this programme are listed below:


Learning to Learn is 1 of 6 Modules which constitute the Essential Skills Certificate (Workplace Community and Education). Our experience has shown that where a person completes the Learning to Learn Module their chances of successfully completing the entire programme are much higher. We have therefore been offering this Module as a stand-alone programme, which is intended to assist people back into education, either for the Essential Skills or for any other education or training programme. Specifically as earlier stated this module will:

  • Help you re-engage with learning and improve your capacity to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills
  • Provide you with understanding of learning and studying demands, what is expected of you as a learner in general and using the EQUAL Ireland learning approach in particular
  • Equip you with the necessary skills to enable successful completion of a certificate programme at HETAC Level 6.

Unit 1: Motivation, Goal Setting and Time Planning

Unit 2: Organising Yourself for Effective Study

Unit 3: Building your Writing Skills

Unit 4: Assignment preparation and production all you need to know to get you writing (with some practice) quality assignments.


Learning AssesmentLearning Assessment 

Your learning is usually measure by assignments. There are no traditional exams and you can submit draft assignments on which we will give you constructive feedback before you submit your final paper. Maths and IT skills are tested through ‘In Workshop Assessments’ – not exams – and Assignments




How long is the Programme? 

Learning to Learn 1 4 to 6 weeks

[There are usually 4 half day workshops as decided by the participants]

HETAC Level 6 10



RunnerWhen does it start?

EQUAL Ireland programmes are not tied to any academic year or schedule. Once we have 15 to 25 people in an area or enterprise we can start the programme in a matter of a week or two.



Jobs OfferWhat Jobs or Job Placements will I get?

When you have successfully completed your Learning to Learn Module you will perhaps have obtained your first 3rd Level Qualification HETAC Level 6 on the National Qualification Framework or put more simply ‘a level above the Leaving Certificate’.

Entry to the full certificate programme the Essential Skills Certificate (Workplace Community & Education) is guaranteed.

Of equal importance you will be more confident, better able to present yourself at interview or in writing, be more at ease with computers, email, internet research etc. and comfortable with everyday mathematics. You will have a good understanding of Enterprise and Community development but perhaps most importantly you will have proven to yourself and to others that you have the ability not only to learn but to apply this learning in everyday life.

Your chances of Job Placement or Employment will have been enhanced and can be further enhanced if you take the next step on the learning highway.

Best of Luck!


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More Information

If you would like to:

        • Find out more about this programme by phone or email
        • Book a place or
        • Request an invitation to the next EQUAL Ireland Information Session regarding a programme please click here 
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