We contribute to the EU’s new social vision for 21st. century Europe in the areas of education, enterprise development, employment, social and cultural policy by:


  • Enabling access to accredited education for disadvantaged people via innovative methods including the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) measuring formal, informal and non-formal learning which we developed with the assistance of Skillnets Co. Ltd., Ireland
  • Supporting Rural Regeneration through Enterprise and Community Development
  • Facilitating equal life chances for marginalised groups
  • Fostering equality between men and women
  • Nurturing active citizenship
  • Supporting growth that is sustainable, intelligent and inclusive
  • Combating poverty and social exclusion
  • Championing social and cultural well-being in particular through theatre, music and writing
  • Supporting GREEN objectives and especially sustainable environmental economics
  • Promoting equal opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Advocating measures for ageing well in the information society
  • Espousing the participation of local authorities, community, unions, employers’ organisations and other stakeholders in our work
  • Participating in EU projects with the strategic aim of importing best practice
  • Collaborating with the designers of leading edge technology in the service of people




When you learn with EQUAL Ireland our objective is your success! Our Delivery is Local! Our Programmes are Cost Effective and Flexible!

Using our diverse experience and expertise we have developed a range of education and training programmes that can help you to succeed in Enterprise Development, Employment, Community or Education. We have a particular interest in building community capacity to drive enterprise development both social and private to assist with Rural Regeneration.

We regularly engage in related cultural and research activities having a focus on transnationality and disadvantaged people.

With an interesting and powerful background our programmes emerge from interactions, not just with Adult Learners, who are key, but with Academics, Entrepreneurs, Employers, Workplace & Community Representatives at home here in Ireland and with practitioners and learners in other EU Member States, the US, Latin America, South Africa and Australia.

Our Adult Learners are a mixed bunch of people coming from different backgrounds, cultures and educational attainment. What they have in common is a determination to use education as a way of improving both their self-development and their life chances.

Our Programmes are modular, with stand-alone credits awarded by one or more of our founder Institutions i.e. Athlone, Dundalk, Galway-Mayo, Letterkenny and Sligo, Institutes of Technology and the National University of Ireland, Galway.

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