BA(Hons) in Business in Social Enterprise, Leadership & Management


  • This is a unique BA Honours Degree Programme, with a cross sectoral focus, which provides the learner with a range of practical skills, knowledge and experience, equally applicable to leadership and management roles in the public, private, ‘not for
    profit’ and social enterprise sectors of the economy

  • A key objective of this, and other EQUAL Ireland programmes, while enhancing employability, is moreover, to encourage and
    support the development of learners who are self-directed and independent through providing them with learning skills and
    knowledge, which can be effectively used in a variety of life, community and employment situations.

Who is it For

Completion of this programme will be of particular interest to you if you are:

  • Graduates of the EQUAL Ireland BA Degree in Business, Enterprise & Community Development or Graduates of Comparative degrees in other similar subjects 
  • Business Manager/Owner
  • Community Workers and Activists or Workplace Representatives
  • Entrepreneurs or innovators who want to establish a successful private or social enterprise 
  • Volunteers in Community Groups or organisations who full time employment prospects in these organisations would be enhanced through their gaining a degree

Entry  Requirements

Applicants are required to have successfully achieved either:

  • A BA in Business, Enterprise & Community Development 

  • A Level 7 programme in another appropriate discipline or Higher Certificate award in a relevant discipline
  • Successfully completed a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process, EQUAL Irleand will provide special supports to participants who wish to enter using the RPL process, please askl 

Recognition of Prior Learning

We operate a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) system which allows us to recommend acceptance of people who have a relevant work, life and educational experience, demonstrating that they have already achieved the Learning Outcomes of the EQUAL Ireland BA and Higher Certificate in Business, Enterprise and Community Development. Please ask us about this process and we will give you the necessary information and advice.

Assessment Information

This programme is assessed through an array of continuous applied projects, both group and individual. 
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John Doe

 What opportunities might it lead to?

What kind of a job will I get with this qualification?” is one of the most frequent and persistent questions asked at EQUAL Ireland Information Sessions.

The first thing to be said in response to this question has to be that this Degree imparts generic business, leadership and management skills to the learner. It is for example neither a Law, Nursing or Engineering Degree, so the type of work, which can be successfully competed for is of a broader nature and includes a wider range of job types.

Our programmes are aimed at developing your skills and knowledge so that you can compete effectively for the available jobs, whether they be in leadership and management roles in business, social enterprise or the community or voluntary sectors.

In particular the degree has been constructed in the context of rural regeneration, quality of life and employment opportunities.

Importantly this programme has been successfully used by a number of individuals who where in crossover or transition employment situations where a significant career change was called for i.e. moving from military to civilian employment all situations in which our Recognition of Prior Learning process played a key enabling role.

Graduates from this programme will for example enable a graduate to engage in any of the following career options. 

Case Manager, Develoment Manager, Digital Marketer, Fundraising Official, Jobs Coach
MABS Money Adviser, Programme Manager, Project Manager, Youth Worker, Trainer/Manager     
Training Coordinator, Operations Manager, Office Manager, Shop Manager, Programme Manager, Family Support Manager, Supervisor/Manager, Project
Leader, Service Manager, Director of Services, Business Development Team Leader  Services Administrator,       


A Masters in Social Enterprise, which EQUAL Ireland is currently developing.


Course Structure


Leading & Managing Organisations   (10 Credits)
‘Not-for-Profit’ Organisation Theory & Practice   (10 Credits)
Social Enterprise Development and Governance   (10 Credits)
Digital Marketing   (5 Credits)
Youth Work Approaches & Principles    (5 Credits)  
Community/Workplace Research Project   (20 Credits)

Programme Delivery & Supports

The programme will be delivered through Workshops held locally or centrally, or through a mixture of both. Engagement is on average two days per month over a 12 month period. An increasing proportion of delivery will be online using our eLearning platform. 

Key Learning Supports:

  • The EQUAl Ireland Moodle eLearning Platform
  • Access to tutor and other support stafff between workshops
  • On Line materials for each subject
  • Summary Video Presentations
  • Organised Study Groups