South Sudan Deputy Minister for Education, the Honourable Ms, Rebecca Joshua Okwaci

ARTICLE 2. 8th March 2013

On International Womens’ Day in Juba, South Sudan Nuala was privileged to be asked to join in the celebrations in the company of the Deputy Minister of Education, the Honourable Ms. Rebecca Joshua Okwaci. Nuala described an informal speech by the Government Minister as ‘inspirational’. The small group of women who gathered outside the Department’s buildings included many of the women who are working in education at different levels for the people of South Sudan and Nuala was given the opportunity of saying a few words about the situation of women in Ireland. All in all a very memorable occasion said Nuala.


ARTICLE 1. 31st Jan 2013

Nuala Keher, our Executive Director has decided, with the full support of EQUAL Ireland, to take up a Volunteer post with the Department of Educ

ation in one of the world’s newest countries, South Suda
South Sudan, officially the Republic of South Sudan and previously known as Southern Sudan, is a landlocked country in east-central Africa that is part of the United Nations s

Ms. Nuala Keher, Executive Director EQUAL Ireland and VSO Volunteer in South Sudan

ubregion of Eastern Africa.n. Nuala will be working to design and implement a Teacher Training Plan.

Currency: South Sudanese pound
Population: 10,314,021 (2011) World Bank
Government: Federation, Presidential system, Republic, Representative democracy, Federal republic
Official language: English Language

If you would like more information on South Sudan you can check out

Nuala  expects to be travelling to Juba at the end of January 2013 to take up her post and has agreed to regularly up date this South Sudan Diary with stories and photos. We know that you share with us in being proud of Nuala and in wishing her the very best in her endeavours and that she safely returns to us when her mission is successfully completed!

In the meantime Nuala will be staying in contact so those Assignment dates stand and she will be watching!!! So be warned!!!!


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