CHOICE: an EU Project with EQUAL Ireland Participation

CHOICE: an EU Project with EQUAL Ireland Participation



EQUAL Ireland is delighted to be centrally involved in this particularly useful EU Project!

Addiction is on the rise in Europe. An increasing number of young people are unable to control their use of drugs, technology, gambling. Experts warn against the growing number of addicts. Every tenth European is addicted to legal or illegal intoxicants and almost one fifth of Europe’s current health spending is addiction-related; a growing number of young Europeans are developing an addiction-based lifestyle. There is the need at European level to get at the root cause, creating an environment for a healthy growth, where students can know themselves by relating with others in a constructive way.

This is why the project intends to introduce in secondary school education a non formal learning path that aims at using drama against drugs. Learners participate in several theatrical workshops and through stagecraft methodology they first will have the opportunity to increase their self-esteem which is the essential tool to make the right choice.

Moreover, the project intends to create opportunities for innovative practice of collaboration of teachers, trainers and professional trained staff for the innovation of school curricula.

The project action will be carried out at European level, in different national contexts characterised by different addiction rates and policies, because we need to identify sustainable solutions to prevent addiction, specifically by designing and disseminating didactic models based on theatre pedagogy. It is necessary to develop teaching program centred on drama for increasing students’ self awareness and active participation in the community, and this requires more systematic cooperation across a range of actors and policies at EU and Member State level.


the project partnership is composed of different representatives of key actors in the fields of school education, youth policies, pedagogy and health education: organisations which deal with school education, non formal learning, theatre pedagogy, and advisory activities for youth and trainers; institutions which keep strong relations with institutional bodies; organisations which work for the development of competences enhancing students’ active participation and well-being.

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