Galway City is a wonderful place to explore on foot, and so discover the many fine sculptures decorating some of its streets. One of the more notable artistic features on the Galway Cityscape is the ‘Equality Emerging’ statue by John Behan which is located opposite Galway Cathedral in Galway City Centre.

It was inspired by an idea of Eddie Higgins and Nuala Keher, founders and current Executive Directors of EQUAL Ireland, which is a ‘not for profit’ community based, charitable trust. whose main purpose is the provision of affordable quality education and training to people who, for whatever reason, missed out on earlier education and training opportunities.

The ‘Equality Emerging’ statue was unveiled in November 2001.

The dedication on the statue is as follows: 

The statue equality emerging is dedicated to people everywhere who are struggling for equality and to those suffering because of its absence. The emerging figure represents the force for equality, the wall, those people and systems in opposition. Overall the sculpture celebrates achievement while acknowledging the struggle which still lies ahead. 

At the base of the equality emerging statue is a simple dedication verse, inspired both by the concept of the equality emerging statue itself and that of the statue of liberty in New York  

Above a hole in the ground
No matter what stands
Measures nothing of life unless
It touches our hearts
Inspires our humanity to act
And then to persevere

 ehnk 2001